Potatoes, onions and more.


Family recipe by Amy Laper, Sales Associate 

Create a new picnic and party tradition with this delicious Guacamole Potato Salad made with red potatoes and fresh avocados. With only six ingredients it is surprisingly simple to make and taste good with the added bonus of providing 45% of the Daily Recommended Intake of Vitamin C, while being a low sodium dish.

Parsnips add a sweet nutty flavor to this potato salad while the edamame bring protein and a gorgeous green hue. 

This patriotic potato salad is the perfect dish to elevate your outdoor gatherings.  

Honey, mustard and lemon give a boost of flavor to this classic salad.

This savory fingerling potato salad is elevated with the refreshing flavors of lemon and thyme for a twist on an old classic. 

Preserved lemon, an essential ingredient in Moroccan cooking, is made by pickling lemons in salt and lemon juice. This mock recipe produces a quick version that’s ready to use in minutes.

Quick and healthy potato salad.

Loaded with antioxidants, this dish is easy and is sure to impress!

Fingerling potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, avocados and lemon vinaigrette put a surprising--and nutritious--summertime spin on the Caesar Salad. This crowd-pleasing recipe, specially developed for the USPB by Chef Nancy Silverton, will soon become one of your favorites!