Potatoes, onions and more.

Campfire Ham and Swiss Dijon Potato Packet


Cara Firestone, of Austin, Texas, took first place with her scrumptious Campfire Ham n’ Swiss Dijon Potato Packet in the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association  Camping Recipe Contest. Flavorful and easy to prepare, this winning recipe offers a new twist to the standard foil-packet-in-the-campfire method.


1 large Wisconsin potato, cubed
1Tablespoonminced onion
1⁄3Cupdiced ham
2Tablespoonsour cream
1TeaspoonDijon mustard
1⁄4Cupseasoned croutons
  grated Swiss cheese


On a foil square, layer the potatoes, onion and ham. Stir together the sour cream and mustard and then spoon the mixture over the top of the ham. Top with croutons. Seal the foil packet together and place on hot coals until the potatoes are tender. Garnish with grated Swiss cheese.


1 Servings
SourcePhoto and Recipe courtesy of Potatoes USA
Prep time5 minutes
Cook time25 minutes