Potatoes, onions and more.

Corporate Responsibility

Fresh produce for today — better environment for tomorrow.

We know what it means to be responsible. And we can prove it — because each year Alsum Farms & Produce is audited by a Protected Harvest to ensure that we are taking care of the environment, people and products we are responsible for.

How do we do business? By:

  • Conserving and restoring the Wisconsin acreage we are privileged to farm and protecting the surrounding wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Partnering with growers and suppliers committed to sustainability.  
  • Providing consumers with safe, fresh, quality Wisconsin potatoes, onions, fruits and vegetables.  
  • Ensuring our employees have a safe business environment to work in, one that rewards them for their commitment and encourages them to advance. 
  • Being a company that “pays it forward” — helping others in our community and inspiring other to do the same. 

 Just how do we make this happen? It’s all part of being a Healthy Grown® grower, supplier and distributor. We utilize sustainable farming techniques that help us preserve soil and improve water quality, reduce toxic pesticides, manage pests in an eco-friendly way, preserve and restore non-farmed lands  and protect wildlife. Even our shipping, packaging and cleaning techniques are sustainable — and certified on an annual basis by Protected Harvest.

Fresh Produce