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Grower of eco-friendly Wisconsin potatoes. Mass distributor of fresh produce.

We began, over 45 years ago, with Wisconsin potatoes and onions — and they still comprise the majority of our business, gracing the plates of American homes across the nation. Committed to preserving the earth, as a Healthy Grown® grower, each step of our potato planting, growing, harvesting and shipping processes meet the exacting sustainability standards of a third-party agency. As part of that commitment, we also restore biodiversity and conserve ecosystems on our non-farmed lands — after all, what we do today on our farms affects the future of the land and communities around us.  

And while Wisconsin is our home, its soils can’t provide all the rich produce Americans love to eat. By partnering with family farms across the nation, Alsum Farms & Produce provides a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to grocers in the Great Lakes region every day of the year.


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